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Membership/Terms of Reference

The Panel - Changes

In January 2019 the panel decided to restructure the CDOP into two meetings – described below:

  • A small multi-agency CDOP Executive Group led by Child Death Review Partners has been formed to drive the CDOP programme across Berkshire. This group meets separately from the main panel meeting where cases are discussed.
  • The CDOP panel meetings are structured in a manner to focus the discussion on learning - key people are present but the group is not too unwieldy.
  • The panel agreed to attend for cases where they considered their input would be beneficial to the process and liaise with partners to cross-cover where this was appropriate and attend virtually where this was more time efficient.


  • Strategic Director of Public Health - CDOP Chair
  • CDOP Coordinator
  • Designated Paediatrician/Designated Health Professional – East and West Berkshire
  • Police Representative – East and West Berkshire
  • Ambulance Service Representative
  • Safeguarding Partnership Business Managers – where case relevant
  • Children’s Social Care Representative
  • Bereavement Organisation Representative
  • CCG Representative – East and West
  • Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (BHFT) Representative
  • Head of Midwifery – East and West Berkshire
  • Paediatrician with a special interest in neonatology – East and West Berkshire
  • Safeguarding Named Nurse, Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Hospice Representative
  • CCN Representative
  • Health Visitor/School Nurse Representative

Terms of Reference