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Lift the Baby

Issues were noted by the CDOP where safe sleep recommendations had not been followed. As there is evidence based prevention practice in this area, it was felt to be a useful area for further action.

As a result players from London Irish Rugby Club have teamed up with health chiefs to launch a major video campaign aimed at cutting baby deaths. The video is the result of a year long piece of work pioneered by Berkshire West CCG, East Berkshire CCG and a range of health partners.

Lift the Baby and is aimed at promoting safer sleeping in younger babies. A special website has been developed in partnership with the Lullaby Trust and features a link to the video along with a range of safe sleeping advice.

We were delighted that the “Lift the Baby Campaign “ won silver in the UK Public Sector
Communications Excellence Awards held in Manchester earlier this month. It was in competition with more than 80 other publicity campaigns including ones from the Metropolitan Police and Department for Work and Pensions. Further details about the award can be found here.


Training entitled Saving Young Lives Child Death – Overview and learning sessions have been provided at all face-to-face full day RBHFT (Royal Berkshire Hospital Foundation Trust) Level 3 child safeguarding days. 

A half day TEAMS multiagency training session was given to the BHFT (Berkshire Health Foundation Trust) Rapid Response nursing team to provide a joint home visit.