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Reporting a child death via eCDOP

The CDOP is responsible for reviewing all child deaths (of any gestation where there are signs of life as decided by a clinician in accordance with the MBRRACE guidelines: Up to but not including their 18th birthday) of children normally resident within Berkshire at the time of death (excluding those babies who are stillborn, and planned terminations of pregnancy carried out within the law). Where a child dies in Berkshire but normally lives in another area, that death must be notified to the CDOP in the child’s area of residence. Similarly, when a child normally resident in Berkshire dies outside of this area, the Berkshire CDOP should be notified. In both cases, an agreement should be made as to which CDOP (normally that of the child’s area of residence) will review the child’s death and how they will report to the other.

There are two inter-related processes for reviewing child deaths:

  • Joint agency response by a team of key professionals who come together for the purpose of enquiring into and evaluating each unexpected death of a child.
  • An overview of all child deaths in Berkshire, undertaken by CDOP.


  • Pan Berkshire Electronic Reporting mandatory for all child deaths from – 1st April 2019
  • Berkshire eCDOP is now live – from 1st April 2019 all notifications of a child death must be made via this link which anyone can access 
  • For support and training please contact Lorna Tunstall, Pan Berkshire CDOP Coordinator, or phone 07850 209095.