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Voluntary Sector Partnerships

Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) received considerable interest in the 2018/19 Partnership Development Fund and we used the published criteria to review applications

Berkshire West CCG will be funding a number of schemes from the large volume of applications we received, from April 2018, despite this being one of the most challenging financial years the organisation has faced. 

Please refer to the attached schedule for more details of the voluntary and community sector organisations Berkshire West CCG is funding from April 2018.

During the financial year 2018/19, Berkshire West CCG has decided to develop a new way of working with the voluntary sector that offers greater stability and is more sustainable. This will mean that rather than having annual allocations and yearly bidding for funding that creates undue pressure and uncertainty for the voluntary sector, we will be including the voluntary sector as part of our general commissioning work and will establish longer term partnerships and contracts. We will be working with colleagues and local authority partners over the coming year to develop a voluntary and community sector (VCS) strategy to strengthen our commissioning processes.

We recognise the vital contribution of the voluntary and community sector in support of statutory health and social care services and hope that these developments will create a more sustainable sector locally.

If you have any queries or questions, please get in touch by email