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What is the Quality Committee?

The remit of the committee is listed below:

  • Provide assurance that commissioned services are being delivered in a high quality and safe manner, ensuring that quality sits at the heart of everything the commissioning organisation does

  • Ensure that the quality assurance data is used to inform commissioning decisions and drive improvements in quality. Commission any reports or surveys it deems necessary to help it fulfil its obligations

  • Receive and scrutinise independent investigation reports relating to patient safety issues and agree any further actions

  • Provide oversight of decision making processes for the various groups that monitor safety and quality. Monitor progress in the delivery of the NHS Outcomes Framework

  • Provide assurance to the governing bodies that the quality and safety of services is being robustly monitored and action is taken when required to make improvements

  • Ensure considerations relating to safeguarding children and adults are integral to commissioning services and robust processes are in place to deliver safeguarding duties.