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Newbury and District Locality Team

NHS Berkshire West CCG has a Newbury and District Locality Team to ensure locality sensitive commissioning within the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP), managing relationships between the CCG and local authorities, Primary Care Networks, acute and community services and the voluntary sector.

The Berkshire West CCG Newbury and District Locality Team
  • Dr Abid Irfan, GP Locality Lead, Newbury and District and Berkshire West CCG Chair
  • Shairoz Claridge, Newbury and District Director of Operations
  • Jo Reeves, Newbury and District Manager
  • Carolyn Gregory, Newbury and District Administrator
Primary Care Networks

Fourteen Primary Care Networks (PCNs) have been established in Berkshire West, four being in West Berkshire.

PCNs are clusters of neighbouring GP surgeries which have teamed up to start providing patients with a wider range of health and wellbeing services, specifically geared towards the needs of their local areas. Over time, people like social prescribers, pharmacists, physiotherapists, community mental health professionals, physicians associates and paramedics could all be based within a PCN. Find out more here.

West Berkshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)

A Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) looks at the current and future health and care needs of local populations to inform and guide the planning and commissioning (buying) of health, well-being and social care services within a local authority area.

The West Berkshire Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) is used to assess the needs of the local population. It highlights the key requirements of the borough and assesses how we might best meet these needs with a range of partners. 

West Berkshire's Directory

Please visit West Berkshire Council's website for information and links to available help and support.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy

West Berkshire makes up over half of the geographical area in Berkshire, covering an area of 272 square miles. Largely rural, it has the most dispersed population in the South East. West Berkshire residents have good health overall but an increasing demand for health and social care services, at a time of downward pressure on NHS and local authority budgets, means that the NHS, local authorities and their partners have to consider new ways of working to deliver the outcomes that people need.
West Berkshire’s Health and Well Being Strategy is available here

Health and social care integration

The Better Care Fund (BCF) is a programme spanning both the NHS and local government which seeks to join-up health and care services, so that people can manage their own health and wellbeing, and live independently in their communities for as long as possible.
West Berkshire’s vision for better care is based on improving outcomes for individuals through the joint delivery of care which is responsive, enabling and available as close to home as possible. This plan covers two years, from 2017 to 2019.