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Register of Interests

NHS Berkshire West CCG hold a list of all known Register of Interests declared by its employees, Governing Body members, Council of Practice members and the Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) in line with NHS England statutory requirements

The Governing Body Register of Interests is updated here annually following review by the Audit Committee. The Berkshire West CCG's Register of Interests for 2021/22 is available here.

Primary Care Commissioning Committee (PCCC) Register of Interests are available here.

The Register of Interests for Employees and Register of Interests for Council of Practice Members is available on request here . Any breach to the CCG's Standards of Business Conduct Policy will be published here.

For enquiries or concerns about conflict of interest contact Geoffrey Braham, Conflict of Interest Guardian for Berkshire West CCG. Mr Braham is the Berkshire West CCG's Audit Committee Chair.

Further information:

If you have an enquiry please contact: Lynn Casey-Sturt, Head of Governance/Board Secretary: (