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Maureen McCartney

Director of Operations, Reading Locality & CCG Director Lead for Urgent Care

Maureen McCartney

Maureen has worked in the NHS for over 30 years. In 2013 she joined North and West Reading CCG as Director of Operations and Urgent Care Programme Lead for the four Berkshire West CCGs. These four CCGs merged in April 2018, becoming Berkshire West CCG, and since then Maureen has also taken on the role of Director for the South Reading Locality.

In her locality role Maureen is responsible for ensuring locality sensitive commissioning within the Berkshire West Integrated Care System and, with health and social care partners, a whole system approach to commissioning and delivering care across Berkshire West.

In her urgent care role, Maureen works closely with the acute and community trusts, as well as the three Berkshire West local authorities, on a number of work programmes, including delivery of the national A&E and delayed transfer of care (DToC) targets.