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April 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG.

Response letter Attachments Summary of information requested
 BW00292 N/A  Cataract Surgery
 BW00293 N/A  Mental Health Services For Parkinson's
 BW00294 N/A  Lynch Syndrome Statistics
 BW00295 N/A MSK and Diagnostic Service Providers
 BW00296 N/A Tendered Musculoskeletal Services
 BW00288 N/A Digital Technology
 BW00297  End Of Life (EOL)
BW00298 Section 117
BW00299 N/A Endoscopy
BW00305 N/A Pharmacy Service Commissioning
BW00306 Continuing Glucose Monitoring Device Access
BW00304 N/A Orthotic Departments
BW00303 N/A Personal Health Budgets
BW00300 N/A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) GP online consultation
BW00301 N/A CCG Services for Children- Sensory Modulation Diagnosis
BW00302 N/A BW CCG Job Titles
BW00307 Optional GP Services
BW00308 N/A CCG Funding Support to Hospices
BW00309 N/A Mental Health- Inpatient Rehabilitation Beds
BW00310 N/A BW CCG Job titles
BW00311 N/A Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
BW00316 N/A Use of Temporary Agency Staff