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August 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG.

Response letter Attachments Summary of information requested
BW00372  N/A  Pathology Services
BW00373  Diabetes
BW00374  N/A  Clinically Assisted Nutrition and Hydration (CANH)
BW00375  N/A  Practices
BW00376 Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
BW00377  N/A  Continuing Health
BW00378  previously un-assessed periods of care (PUPoC)
BW00379 N/A Cerebral Palsy
BW00380 N/A Exceptional Cases
BW00381 N/A Pharmacy Workforce
BW00382 N/A MHRA
BW00383 N/A Private Providers
BW00384 PCNs
BW00385 N/A Referral Triage Service
BW00386 N/A Funded Procedures
BW00387 N/A IFR
BW00388 N/A Drugs
BW00389 N/A VTE
BW00391 Glaucoma
BW00392 Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
BW00393 Primary Care Networks (PCNs)
BW00394 N/A Low Priority Treatments (POLCE)
BW00395 N/A Service Closures
BW00396 N/A External Consultant
BW00397 N/A IVF
BW00398 N/A Prostate Cancer
BW00399 N/A Continuing Health Care (CHC)