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August 2020

 Response Letter  Attachments  Summary of information requested
BW00597  N/A  Primary Care Prescribing
BW00598   N/A  CAMHS
BW00599  N/A Counter Fraud 
BW00600 Covid- Primary Care 
BW00601  N/A  Monitoring Of Patients
BW00602  N/A Liver Diseases 
BW00603  N/A  Post Covid Services
BW00604  N/A CCG Staff
BW00605  N/A Live In Care
BW00606 NICE Guidance NG6
BW00607  N/A Telehealth Services
BW00608  N/A Urology
BW00609  CHC & Homecare for Adults
BW00610  N/A  Mobile Arm Support
BW00611  N/A  Website Inaccessibility
BW00612  N/A  ADHD
BW00613  N/A Personal Health Budgets 
BW00614  N/A  Orthopaedic Service
BW00615  N/A Prescription Drug Services 
BW00616  HR Outsourcing 
BW00617  N/A Patient Transport 
BW00618  N/A Abortion Waiting Times