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December 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG.


Response letter Attachments Summary of information requested
BW00464  Policy  Continuing Health Care (CHC) 
BW00465  N/A  Non-Emergency Eye Surgery
BW00466  N/A  Structured Diabetes Education
BW00467   N/A  Mental Health Placement
BW00468   N/A  Cannabis Based Medication
BW00469   N/A  Medicines Management
BW00470   N/A  MSK
BW00471   N/A  Declarations of interest
BW00472   N/A  Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
BW00473   MSK Services
BW00474   N/A  POLICE Policies
BW00475   N/A  Abortion Waiting Times
BW00476   N/A  PCNs
BW00478   N/A  HR
BW00479   Pediatrics's 
BW00480  N/A  OCPS Codes