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February 2020

 Response Letter  Attachments  Summary of information requested
 BW00507  N/A  RTT Pathway
 BW00508  N/A  Antibiotic Therapy
 BW00509  N/A  Cyber Security Risk
 BW00510  N/A  Termination of Pregnancy Services
 BW00511  Practice Managers
 BW00512  Mental Health Support
 BW00513  N/A  Referral Management
 BW00514   N/A  Gamete Storage Facilities
 BW00515   N/A  Telemedicine Carehomes
 BW00516   Influenza Pandemic Policy
 BW00517  N/A  ICS
 BW00518   N/A  Complex Care at Home
 BW00519   N/A  Agency Spend 18/19
 BW00520  N/A  Referral Management Centres
 BW00521  N/A NHS Continuing  Healthcare 
 BW00522  N/A Clinically Artificial Nutrition and Hydration (CANH)
 BW00523  N/A Autism & Secondary Diagnosis 
 BW00524  N/A  CHC Assessment
 BW00525  N/A CYPIT SLT and OT