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January 2020


 Response Letter  Attachments  Summary of information requested
BW00481  N/A  CHC
BW00482  N/A  IFR
BW00483   N/A  Business Intelligence Software
BW00484  Contracts
BW00485  N/A  Medicines
BW00486   N/A  Care Homes
BW00487   N/A  Dental Health
BW00488   N/A  Personal Health Budget
BW00489  N/A  Eating Disorder Waiting Times
BW00490  N/A CCG Expenditure
BW00491 Diabetes
BW00492 N/A Sharing Patient Information
BW00493  N/A CQUIN Policy
BW00494 N/A CHC
BW00495 N/A Patient Transport
BW00496 Glucose Monitoring
BW00497 Unallocated NHSE Funding 1920
BW00498 Extended Christmas Hours
BW00499  N/A Ophthalmology Spend
BW00500 Practice Closure
BW00501  N/A Referral Management Service
BW00502  N/A Childhood Cancer and Teenage and Young Adult Treatment
BW00503  N/A IAPT & MSK
BW00504  N/A Staff
BW00505  N/A Breast Cancer
BW00506 N/A Immunisation 2014-2015