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July 2019

Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG.

Response letter Attachments Summary of information requested
BW00351  N/A  Infection Control Support
BW00353  N/A  Bowel Cancer
BW00354  N/A  Budget and Counter Fraud
BW00355 N/A Interpreting Services
BW00356 N/A Vision Screening
BW00357 N/A Diabetes
BW00359 Primary Care Networks
BW00360 N/A Genetic Haemochchromatosis
BW00361 N/A Pharmaceutical Products
BW00362 N/A Infected Blood Inquiry
BW00363 N/A Diabetes Education Programmes
BW00364 N/A Baby Loss Psychological Support
BW00365 N/A DPO Service Provision
BW00366 Finance Structure
BW00367 N/A Apprenticeship Scheme
BW00368 N/A Wound Care
BW00369 N/A Holter ECG
BW00370 N/A Mental Health
BW00371 N/A Diabetes