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July 2020


 Response Letter  Attachments  Summary of information requested
BW00572  Intranet
BW00573 N/A Counter Fraud
BW00574 Temporary Workforce
BW00575  N/A PCN reporting
BW00576  N/A Cataract Surgery
BW00577 CCG Waste
BW00578  N/A Telephone Contracts
BW00579  N/A Reimbursement
BW00580  N/A CHC Fast track
BW00581  N/A Sustainability & Sustainable Development
BW00582  N/A Childhood Vaccinations
BW00583  N/A Live In Care
BW00584  N/A  Smith-Magensis Syndrome
BW00585   CCG Structure
 BW00586 N/A  Opthamology
BW00587 N/A Children's Mental Health
BW00588 N/A Primary Care Network
BW00589 Apremilast
BW00590 N/A Community Equipment
BW00591 N/A Patents
BW00592 Cataract Surgery
BW00593 N/A Benchmarking Supplier
BW00594 N/A Termination Of Pregnancy Services
BW00595 N/A  Mental Health for Children
BW00596 N/A  CHC