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June 2020

 Response Letter  Attachments  Summary of information requested
 BW00553  N/A  Adult Care Homes and Covid19
 BW00554  N/A  CHC Funded Patients
 BW00555   N/A  Dermatology Service
 BW00556   N/A  Hydroxychloroquine Retinopathy Screening
 BW00557   N/A  Personal Information- Exempt under section 40 (2)Cannot Publish
 BW00558  N/A  Primary Care Hubs
 BW00559   N/A  CHC
 BW00560   N/A  Maladministration
 BW00561 N/A Primary Care Networks (PCNs) Additional Roles Funding
 BW00562 N/A Community Dermatology Services
 BW00563 N/A Referral Management Services
 BW00564 N/A Anal SSC
 BW00565 N/A Primary Care Rebate Scheme
 BW00566 N/A Glucose Monitoring
 BW00567 N/A Covid
 BW00568 N/A IFR
 BW00569 N/A Apomorphine
 BW00570 N/A Communication & Services (telehpone)
 BW00571 N/A Legal Expenditure