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November 2019

 Responses are added to the table below as they are issued by the CCG.


Response letter Attachments Summary of information requested
 BW00436  N/A  Prescribers
 BW00437  Hip & knee BPT  Hip & Knee Tariff
 BW00438  N/A  IT Management
 BW00439  Rebates  Pharmaceutical Products
 BW00440  N/A  Care Home Enhanced Services
 BW00441  N/A  Prescribing Algorithm
 BW00442  N/A  Health
 BW00443  N/A  CHC
 BW00444  N/A  Monitoring Centre
 BW00445  N/A  PCNs
 BW00446  Practice Managers  Practice Managers
 BW00447  N/A  Mobile phones
 BW00448  N/A  Helicobacter pylori
 BW00449  N/A  PCNs
 BW00450  N/A  CHC
 BW00451  FOI Questions  Out Of Hours and 111
 BW00452  Service Spec  Transforming Care
 BW00453  N/A Specialist Residential Placements
 BW00454  Interim  Interim Appointments
 BW00455 N/A Senior Staff
 BW00456 N/A IT Devices
 BW00457 N/A Medication Prompts
 BW00458  N/A PCN Development
 BW00459  N/A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
 BW00460  Attachment Agency Staff
 BW00461   Practice non- OEM Consumables
 BW00462   Pilots
 BW00463   111