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October 2020

 Response Letter  Attachments  Summary of information requested
BW00638  N/A Recruitment
BW00639  N/A Silicon practice
BW00640 PCNs
BW00641  N/A Community Equipment
BW00642  N/A  Wound Care
BW00643  N/A  Circumcision
BW00644  N/A Mental Health Services
BW00645 Cataract Procedures
BW00646  N/A Printer Device Contracts
BW00647 CCG Staff
BW00648  N/A Tier 3 Weight Management
BW00649  N/A Stoma Appliance Management
BW00650  N/A IT Infrastructure
BW00651  N/A Dermatology GPs
BW00652  N/A Adult Weight Loss Management
BW00653 Contracted Services
BW00654  N/A General Practice Extended Access
BW00655  N/A Scurvy (Vitamin C Deficiency)
BW00656   Health Applications
BW00657 CCG Staff