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September 2020

 Response Letter  Attachments  Summary of information requested
BW00619  N/A Prescription Drugs 
BW00620  N/A Flu 
BW00621  N/A Equality & Diversity 
BW00622  N/A  Incomplete RTT Pathways
BW00623  N/A Mental Health care 
BW00624  N/A Bereavement Services 
BW00625  N/A Procurement & Contracting 
BW00626  N/A Conception Services 
BW00627  N/A  IVF
BW00628  N/A   Personal health Budgets
BW00629  N/A Complex Care (Mental Health, Physical or Learning Disabilities)
BW00630  Complex Care (Neurological) 
BW00631  N/A   Confidential Data Destruction 
BW00632  N/A   Physical Disabilities & Mental Health 65+
BW00633   N/A  Physical Disabilities & Mental Health 65+ (Neuro)
BW00634  N/A Structured Diabetes Education
BW00635  N/A Learning Disability Mortality Review Programme
BW00636  N/A Children's Mental Health
BW00637  N/A Pharmaceutical Rebates