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Get Involved

Wendy Bower, Patient and Public Engagement Lay Member 

“An important part of our work is with patients and the public to ensure that the services we plan and buy on their behalf are tailored to the needs of the population Berkshire West CCG serves.

We recognise that people want to get involved at different levels and in different ways. We understand that our patients and public lead busy lives and have a limited amount of time to get involved in decisions that perhaps don’t directly or immediately affect them. We therefore communicate with, and involve patients and the public in a variety of ways and use their feedback to help shape our commissioning plans and priorities.

Getting involved doesn’t necessarily mean attending meetings if you don't want to, we value your participation in a variety of ways. Sometimes we just want to ask you questions and so might contact you by email and ask you to respond to a survey or individual question. Occasionally we organise events and may ask for volunteers to come along and share their expertise or opinion.”

Wendy Bower, Berkshire West CCG Governing Body Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement.

The CCG is committed to engaging with people from all our localities about changes and there are many different ways that you can be involved. For instance: