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Tier 1 service provision

Standard services normally provided in primary care for Type 2 diabetes patients:

  • Maintain, update and identify patients for Diabetic/Diabetic Housebound /IFG/Gestational Diabetes register
  • Identified Diabetes lead GP and nurse ad disease register co-ordinator
  • Diabetes Practice team to maintain competence in delivering essential diabetes care, care planning and diabetic annual reviews on stable type 2 patients – to target on controlled on oral meds. Stable Type 1 & 2 patients on insulin if patient choice!
  • All newly diagnosed Type 2 patients will be referred for eye screening and offered patient education (X-PERT) and dietician follow up.
  • Diabetes treatment escalation according to local guidelines working with individually agreed patient targets
  • Patient education
  • Care for housebound patients, working closely with community nursing teams and the tier 3 team within the housebound care pathway