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Eclipse - diabetes management software

There is some confusion about firstly what Eclipse is and does, and secondly what the Berkshire West CCGs have bought.

What is Eclipse?
Eclipse is a standalone medical record system that allows benchmarking and audit in LTCs. It also provides a secure portal for patient access. It comprises three main components: Eclipse, Eclipse Live and In addition, there is a specific component for diabetes which links to Eclipse Live and Diabetes Manager. Further details are available in this 'What is Eclipse for' document.

What has Berkshire West actually bought?
Eclipse, Eclipse Live,, Diabetes Manager.

What have we not bought?
We have not purchased specific managers for other disease entities. However, some chronic disease managers are functional eg. COPD, AF, Hypertension.

What will Eclipse actually do?

  1. Eclipse is the basic module. It draws on data from ePac and QoF to provide information and benchmarking in prescribing, prescribing costs and QoF scores. It also accesses secondary care data to provide information about hospital admissions. However, we don’t have the prescribing package: we cannot create a custom formulary, switches or projects.
  2. Eclipse Live securely accesses patient data from practice IT systems. It is non-identifiable. This allows audit. The search facility is very fast and easy to use. It can be accessed remotely from the surgery. Searches can be conducted at CCG level (with the practices’ permission) and anonymous alerts generated. The anonymity can only be broken in the surgery as the ID numbers are specific to the IT system installed at the surgery. Audit can be conducted for all LTCs, not just diabetes. 
  3. is the portal for users such as patients or specialists. It enables patients to see results and obtain information from Diabetes Manager. This facility is live and we can use cards if we get them. 
  4. Diabetes Manager is a specific tool that links Eclipse Live and Clicking on the DM icon produced by a search on Eclipse Live takes the user to a variety of displays showing the patient’s metrics and medicine use expressed in verbal and graphical format. Reports can be generated and printed out. gives access to Diabetes Manager. 

Eclipse resources
Here you can find useful information and presentations regarding Eclipse: