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NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) and Pre-Diabetes

Pre-diabetes identification and management

As a first step towards preventing Type 2 diabetes, ask the following questions and take action if you need to:

  • Do you know how many patients have a Random BG > 11 or Fasting BG > 7 or HbA1c > 47?
  • Have all those patients with Random BG > 7 had a recent follow up blood test?
  • Have you reviewed the patients with IGT/IFG recently to see if they have been rechecked (20-50% 10yr conversion)?

The pre-diabetes pilot in Newbury is using QDiabetes to find out patients who are at high risk if developing diabetes and then carrying out a life style intervention using Eat4Health. Find out more by going to the pre-diabetes website.

You can calculate risk of developing Type 2 diabetes using the QDiabetes risk calculator.

You can find a PowerPoint presentation about the pre-diabetes pilot here.

NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)