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Structured Patient Education

Referral to CHOICE or CarbAware for Type 1 patients, and X-PERT health for Type 2

X-PERT Health for Type 2 diabetes
X-PERT Health is a 6 week course, 2.5 hours/week, for patients with Type 2 diabetes. Offer this course to all new patients and old patients who need it or request it.

CHOICE for Type 1 diabetes
CHOICE (CarbOhydrate and Insulin Calculation Education) is the standard structured education course for people with Type 1 diabetes.

CarbAware for Type 1 diabetes
Short 3-hour carbohydrate awareness courses for people with Type 1 diabetes

Carbohydrate counting tables - add doc
Printable booklet with CHE reference guidance for patients, to support CHOICE and CarbAware.

Read coding for patient education