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Anti-bullying week: A Guide for Parents and Carers who may be Worried about a Child's Mental Health & Wellbeing

As we are in Anti Bullying Week the below may be supportive for parents who wish to support or are worried about their child: 

Please find the attached helpful guide for parents and carers who may be worried about a child's mental health & wellbeing and wish to start a conversation.

Also we are pleased to remind you that we have regular parent webinars- some are full length 1 hour sessions and we have an alternative short 20 minute session. If you want more information about December's Dates and after please contact Claire Parsons for dates and times. Alternatively you may wish to book a session for your own parents groups. 

Click here for an FAQ guide for young people.

Read more about Kooth hereAn online support network to help young people struggling with mental health difficulties

If you need medical help and are unsure what to do, call NHS 111 for help and advice. They are available 24 hours a day.