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Local GP, Dr Amit Sharma at Madejski's Mass Vaccination Centre at Stadium - encouraging vaccine take up

Wokingham GP Dr Amit Sharma at the Mass Vaccination Centre at Reading’s Madejski Stadium encouraging people to have the Covid vaccine when it’s their turn.

“As a football fan I have really missed being on the terraces cheering my team on and I can’t want to get back there. The vaccine is our best way to help us all get life back to normal so we can come to sporting events and do all the other things we enjoy,” said Dr Sharma, Clinical Director of the Earley+ Primary Care Network. 

He joined Reading players Michael Morrison and Josh Laurent at the Royals’ stadium to encourage everyone to have a jab. They also hope to dispel myths around the vaccine and reassure people that it’s safe, does not contain live elements of the virus, does not affect your fertility, does not include pig or lard and doesn’t affect your DNA.

Reading FC player Michael Morrison and Dr Amit Sharma

“More than 20 million people have had the vaccine. Both the Pfizer and Oxford vaccines are safe and effective against coronavirus. So if you are given the opportunity to get jabbed then please do so. Vaccinating as many people as we can is the most effective way of tackling this pandemic and eventually lifting lockdown,” added Dr Sharma who is based at the Brookside Group Practice.

There’s lots of questions and answers around the vaccine on along with a walk through video of the Mass Vaccination Centre at the Madejski Stadium.

If you need medical help and are unsure what to do, call NHS 111 for help and advice. They are available 24 hours a day.