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New Film Launched Urging Public to Get Flu Jab and COVID-19 Booster

Those eligible for the free flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster jab are being urged to book their appointments as soon as possible. A new film campaign is launched to encourage people to give themselves and their loved ones the best possible protection this winter.

The campaign is launched as new research released today suggests that adults in England are severely underestimating the combined threat of COVID-19 and flu this winter. There could be a significant flu surge this winter coinciding with continuing or rising COVID-19 cases. This is due to colder weather which favours transmission, darker nights which mean increased social contact indoors where it is less well ventilated, and expected lower immunity to flu due to lower levels in circulation last winter.

Those eligible for a COVID-19 booster vaccine will be invited when it’s their turn, and do not have to do anything in the meantime.   

Those eligible for a free flu vaccine can book an appointment for their flu jab either at their GP practice or their local pharmacy.Those who are pregnant can ask for their free flu jab at their local maternity service.

The public can find out if they are eligible for a free flu or COVID-19 booster vaccine at now.  

If you need medical help and are unsure what to do, call NHS 111 for help and advice. They are available 24 hours a day.