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Five Ways to Wellbeing Challenge for children and young people


Take care of your own mental wellbeing during lockdown and help to raise awareness so that other children and young people can learn simple ways to look after their mental health too. Take our challenge to fit the NHS’s Five Ways to Wellbeing into your week (#5ways5daysNHS) and nominate five other people on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to do the same. Let’s spread the word!

There are many things you, and those around you, can do to stay well whilst following government guidelines to stay safe. During these difficult and worrying times, it’s also more important than ever to look after your mental wellbeing. Evidence suggests that the Five Ways to Wellbeing, recommended by the NHS, can really help you to feel healthier, happier and more positive.

Please also take a look at our #Coping guide, which has lots of advice and tips for families.

The Five Ways are five simple actions you can do every day: 

Why not try a few of our ideas and even come up with your own list of Five Ways activities? Encourage other family members and friends to think about how they can make the Five Ways to Wellbeing part of everyone’s daily life at home.


The Challenge

During May we are inviting children and young people and their families to take part in our online #5ways5daysNHS challenge to promote the Five Ways to Wellbeing. To get you started we have put together a primary school guide and secondary school guide with lots of suggestions for fun activities linked to each of the Five Ways. We’ll also be sharing extra tips from our Young Health Champions every day on Twitter, so keep an eye out for them!

How to take part

We would love to see what you’re doing, so get involved and be creative – even small actions can make a big difference to your mental wellbeing and help others to do the same! Join in by:

  • Setting yourself the challenge of doing an activity from a different one of the Five Ways every day for five days and sharing as much as you want of what you’re doing on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook by tagging #5ways5daysNHS
  • Nominate five friends to take up the challenge for a week!

Once you’ve got the ball rolling by taking part in our challenge, see if you can build all the Five Ways into your daily life. You’ll quickly learn which activities work best for you by lifting your mood and giving your mental wellbeing a boost.

Don’t forget to tag #5ways5daysNHS on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and nominate and challenge your friends. The challenge ends on 31 May 2020.