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Immunosuppressed patients third Covid vaccination

This group of patients are being offered a third Covid vaccination instead of a Covid booster jab.

If you fall into this category of immunosuppressed patients you will hear from your GP when it is time to have the third vaccination. Please be patient and wait to hear from your surgery. And please try and refrain from ringing them as staff are already handling a huge number of calls.

Our local GPs and hospital consultants are currently discussing the best ways of identifying immunosuppressed patients, who will be assessed on an individual basis. A clinical recommendation will then be made as to the best way of administering the third jab. Patients will be notified by their GP about where they should go for their third jab. It could be the surgery or an appropriate site that’s authorised to vaccinate and record this group of patients.

Please note, if you are an immunosuppressed patient and have already had a booster jab you will not need a third dose.