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Hospital Transfer

The Hospital Transfer Pathway is designed to ensure that residents living in Berkshire West care homes receive safe and effective treatment should they need to go into hospital in an emergency.

The pathway supports care homes, the ambulance service and the local hospital to meet the requirements of the NICE guidance on transition between inpatient hospital setting and care homes.

The initiative was developed in response to discussions with key partners where gaps were identified in providing the necessary support and care to unwell residents that needed to go into hospital. Residents were being taken to hospital without the necessary clinical information and subsequently discharged without a summary of the care they'd received whilst admitted. Poor communication channels made it difficult for care staff to talk to each other, resulting in residents often remaining in hospital for longer than they needed to.

Feedback so far has been hugely positive, and relationships and channels of communication between care home staff and local hospitals has improved significantly. 

See below for documentation to use when transferring between care homes and hospitals: