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Keep well this winter

There’s a whole range of support and advice on offer to help you keep warm and well this winter.

Below is the second in a series of videos we’re screening over winter so you have a clearer idea of what to do and when. Below the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Urgent Care Director and Consultant Cardiologist, Will Orr, talks about choosing the right NHS service for you.

 The importance of having your flu jab is talked about below:

The NHS website is a great source of information and has lots of up-to-date information on flu vaccinations, the best place to go for medical and wellbeing advice and also ideas of things you can do to help yourself stay fit and healthy over the winter.

The more people can do to look after themselves and their family, friends, neighbours and local communities, the bigger the benefit for themselves and the local health services.

The winter months can be challenging for the NHS, especially for urgent care services like the Emergency Department, and the more people can do themselves to stay well, the less pressure is put on overstretched hospitals and doctors surgeries.

Our ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign explains the best action to take if you start feeling under the weather.

It could be calling NHS 111, seeking advice from your pharmacist, accessing an evening or weekend GP appointment or talking to other health care professionals at your local surgery. 

Pharmacy opening times over the Christmas Bank Holidays are available below:

By taking steps to stay healthy and managing your own health, you can often prevent an illness get worse and also get better sooner.

Find out more about our campaign to promote flu vaccinations and encourage people to look after themselves over winter here.
Pharmacists are qualified healthcare professionals who can help if you need clinical advice or over the counter medicines to help safely manage a wide range of minor health concerns. Find out more about how a pharmacist can help you here.
NHS 111 can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do.
You can call 24 hours a day, every day. Find out more here.

GP evening & weekend appointments. 
The Enhanced Access service means you can now make routine appointments for the evenings, weekends & bank holidays. Patients need to be registered with a local GP practice & call them to book. Find out more here.


Check on more vulnerable neighbours and relatives & make sure they:

Having good mental health helps us relax more, achieve more and enjoy our lives more. There are simple things we can all do to look after our mental health and wellbeing – these questions can help get you started today with a free plan, expert advice and practical tips.

If you need medical help and are unsure what to do, call NHS 111 for help and advice. They are available 24 hours a day.